This is a action platformer game. The game takes place in a cartoon based environment.
The purpose of the game is to kill all the zombies and reach the end of the level. When an enemy dies you can collect a coin, wich it drops upon death.
The first three levels in this platformer game are available at the start of the game.
The others needs to be unlocked by using coins (wich you collect in game).

Tap the screen to shoot at your finger location
Press the buttons on the bottom of the screen to walk left or right and to jump

What do we offer in this platformer game? Or why do you want to download this game?
– An easy to understand tutorial to get you going as fast as possible
– 3 levels!
– Fancy animated background
– You can run, jump, shoot, collect coins
– Game physics (gravity, inertia, falling blocks,…)
– Enemy auto intelligence
– Collection of coins

So what’s new with the latest update?

– Decreased package size ( half the size now )
– Added new background!
– Tweaked level transitions
– Redesigned level1, level2, they look better now