With tinkercad i made a drone design the files are currently available on Thingiverse for download. Guess what?, it’s completly free for download. Check 3D model below.

3D Model download

Drone Specifications

This is a 142x142mm drone frame. It’s best to print with 100% infill. and print without support or only support attached to buildplate. I printed both with PLA and ABS. I would reccomend ABS. Testing with Nylon is still on the TO-DO list, but my printer doesn’t support it out of the box without modifications.

I used this type of motor: DYS BE1104 5400KV brushless motor. You can use this type, but there are also some 7000 KV versions out there which may work. Use 2S or 3S lipo’s of your choice.
20×20 mounting holes are on there, but may need a little adjusting if you want to use standoffs, since i’m using long bolts.

Frame details

What’s special about this design is that there is place provided inside the drone arms to put the motor cables in. This offers better efficiency and more thrust. The arms are very small so the loss of air pushing on the drone arms itself rather than on the air below or surounding the drone is minimal this way.

Used components

  • R-XSR receiver
  • Piko blx flight controller
  • RunCam Split Mini 2 camera
  • Racerstar A10A 10A ESC 2-4S Blheli_S
  • Turnigy nano-tech 850mah 3S 25~40C battery
  • Taranis q x7

Make sure that the software version of the Taranis and the frSky receiver match. It’s likely that you have to flash the taranis or the receiver.

I used this article. It’s not too difficult to follow but in my case it was a big help.

How to flash the Taranis

How to flash the RXS-R receiver